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In Remembrance of Diesel Rottweiler Herlihy

3 August, 2012 ~ 13 July, 2018
Mercer, PA, United States

Message from JoAnne Herlihy:

" Diesel (aka DZ Boops, Beep, Dee, and Big Dee to Aunt Foo), was the love of our lives, our best friend and my third child. Diesel came home only a couple of weeks after we made the move from NY to PA. My husband drove hours to a farm in Mercer and he chose Diesel and hurried home to surprise me and the kids. We totally lucked out. He was 8 weeks old, cute as hell and had lots of personality already. To be honest, he was a bit of a butt! He didn't like to be touched or held and he would bite and hide from everyone. Life was very different for us in PA as our move allowed me to work from home. I got to spend every day with Diesel, training him, loving him, he was my work companion, my new shadow. He and I grew together and he was a great comfort as I continued to struggled with the every day heartache and joy of raising two kids with disabilities. He was my constant, the one predictable aspect of my crazy life. I always knew exactly what he needed, he didn't have to say a word (haha) and the connection between us grew strong. He got me and the kids out of the house and taught us to hike and love the quiet of the woods. He taught me patience by always being patient with my son Timmy who was only 6 years old when Diesel came home to us. When Timmy was diagnosed with high functioning autism, Diesel was there, sturdy, strong and unwavering, a fluffy shoulder to cry on. He continued to be patient and loving. He knew when it was time to play and when it was time to snuggle. He taught all of us to share and he was a master at begging. He was a great lover of cheese and barking at pesky squirrels or humans who dared to come near his house. He guarded us every day but loved and hugged each guest that entered our home. He was a great brother to both of my kids, he somehow made it into every single of my daughters wedding pictures. Diesel loved his Grandpa and Grandma and no matter how long between visits, he always cried with joy when they came for a visit and was sad and lethargic when they left. Diesel made our family whole. He was diagnosed with lymphoma in May 2018 and died in our home surrounded by everything safe and familiar on 7/13/18, just weeks from his 6th birthday. We love and miss you Dee. "


My 20 year old daughter wrote a poem for Diesel that gave me great comfort after he passed.

Goodbye - By Tabitha LaSalle Walker (Best dog sister ever)
My time was drawing near and we both knew this was true. You have loved me dearly, just as I have loved you. And I know that you'll be sad now, But me? I will rejoice! I have slept every night warm in our home and been woken by your voice. I have jumped and chased and played and been petted every day and what more could anyone ask for? I lived and I loved and that's enough for me, so now its time to rest, and to leave my family. But never forget this: Wherever you go, there I will be, even if I'm not beside you, I am by your side. You've kept me happy and your love kept me alive but love is not enough forever, for nothing lives that long but if it could have saved me...I never would have gone. But my paws, they grew weary and my eyes looked far away. I couldn't run like I used to, I was more tired every when it was my time to go, I finally slipped away...but please don't cry too much...we'll meet again one day.


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