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In Remembrance of Junior cat

1 April, 2008 ~ 3 September, 2012
Somerset, KY, United States

Message from terry cox:

" "If I could have one lifetime wish, a dream that could come true, I'd ask with all my heart and soul for one more day with you."

Until we meet againÖ

My sweet baby. I thank you for every second you were with me. I thank you for every smile, every purr, every touch. Your soft, wet nose I could kiss for as long as Iíll live.
I miss you so much I canít describe it. I would do anything thatís possible to get you back.
I want you to come back to me. Just for a little while. Youíre gone but you will forever live in my heart. I will never forget you.

We will meet again, I know that. We will see you one day. Donít forget us, please. I hope we were a good mom and dad to you. You know that we did everything we could for you. If I let you suffer too long, please forgive me. You were so brave, so strong. I know you kept going for me.

Junior, I love you forever and ever. Please come to me in a dream. Please give me a sign that youíre doing well. I miss you my sweet baby. I miss you so much I canít stop crying. "


Junior was born April 1, 2008 and passed away September 3, 2012. He enjoyed Arbys and wearing his ZZ Top sunglasses. He was quiet though, but had a great heart and always wanting to love and show love. He would come and stare at you if you got on his nerves with a coughing fit...HE WAS SO COOL..Way Cool Junior...


Candles & Flowers

Posted by Chipper
Sep 17, 2018  

RIP Junior

Posted by Eddie Twoshoes
Sep 18, 2013