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In Remembrance of Maggie

1 November, 2000 ~ 10 March, 2015



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Posted by Misriyah
Apr 12, 2015  

Ah, you cheated! Mulling spice bitrtes is James's secret code name for distilled crack. Or something. It sure ain't googleable. Now everybody will just have to stop by and try to spy it out for Serious question (besides the secret bitrtes ingredient): what are the amber drops he puts on top to make the ivy pattern? More maple? /andy I coulda been a hand model [url=]oqaewyrl[/url] [link=]zdkxhedmp[/li

Posted by Yousri
Apr 9, 2015  

Great drink!!! Made it for the office for Drink Fridays. Couldn't find grefrpauit bitters, used tequila silver instead of vodka, and used agave nectar instead of honey. Great recipe! Everyone in the office enjoys it.

Posted by Luana
Apr 7, 2015  

OMG! I finally got to see the video. It worekd perfectly on my home computer. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! And the music was SO PERFECT only you could make me happy, only you could make me smile. I was so sad when I lost Dillon, then Phillip's face entered my life and I smiled when I saw it. And when I got him from Dobie Rescue I could once again be happy. That is an amazing video, an amazing portrait, a perfect song to celebrate it all. YOU are an AMAZING artist/person. I am so blessed to have met you and have you in my life!

Posted by Perla
Apr 7, 2015  

Man, I really enjoy a good cotkacil and this one looks like a winner! I'd love to see a recipe for some homemade bitters too because my Fees Bros habit is getting out of control. I remember having a great cotkacil in Seattle that had an allpsice dram which to me seems like it could have been another word for bitters but then again, I have no clue! Anyway, I love egg white in a cotkacil and I'd love to make this with some bitters-improvising!