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In Remembrance of Sherri Hillary Hitler Bergman

1 December, 1964 ~ 6 January, 2018
Sewanee, TN, United States


She started working at SAS in 1996. Among the SAS people and some other educators, she was notorious for being a dogmatic and autocratic communication & marketing director, brainwashing students, and forcing her opinions to people around her. She tried to control everything around her and annoyed many people around her. She was the worst communication & marketing director ever and the biggest cancer of SAS. She will be dearly missed especially by her coworkers and students.


Memory by Allison Paterson   May 1, 2018
She was truly a demon and a sociopath. She was one of the worst coworkers I've ever had.

Memory by Christi Teasley   Mar 14, 2018
She was a great example of a liberal globalist who was spiteful and disrespectful toward different people and made everything around them worse and everyone around them unhappier or more uncomfortable.

Candles & Flowers

Posted by Scott Wilson
Mar 1, 2018