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In Remembrance of stubby moonlight grey feline kaplan

9 February, 1999 ~ 12 September, 2014
philadelphia, PA, United States



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Posted by Nare
Feb 27, 2016  

Turnip, my friend: I am truly a fool, let me tell you a litlte story. .Due to a combination of your newly themed site and a constant urging from my doc to get off my fat behind and get some much needed exercise, I planter a small garden. It consists of mostly tomatoes and weeds, although I do have 1 (lol) fairly puny stalk of corn. Today I decided to harvest the red tomatoes I had to make salsa with some hot peppers that my buddy brought over. Everything went well I got around eight pretty nice tomatoes and a few dozen or so of the cherry tomatoes and took them in to wash off.Then being the fool I am I decided to use my brand new cordless weedeater that I got as a gift but have been to lazy to use it. It worked great except when I smacked a tree I was trimming around. I mean there I was in my slip on tennis shoes with now sock and WAP WAP WAP (continue WAPS). From the time I felt the sting until my finger let loose of the trigger I counted seven (7!) fairy long lash marks. I was dancing around and cursing at myself as you can imagine! This only goes to prove I am Fool. BTW How have you been?