In Remembrance of Nico Nico Conner

14 August, 2008 ~ 14 July, 2014
Panama City , FL, United States

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Uploaded by James   Feb 27, 2016
There are only three pre-lockout games: 4/16/88 aginsat the Flyers, 4/17/96 aginsat Pittsburgh, and 6/4/98 aginsat Buffalo.The games are presented in their entirety, with TV timeouts and intermissions edited out. And the edits are noticeable if you watch a lot of hockey. I picked one game at random to watch Game 7 aginsat the Rangers, Disc 9 and the edits were a little awkward in a couple of places. I think there was one point where there was an offsides call heading into TV time, and the action went instantly from the whistle to the face-off, which was a jarring transition. And I really would have loved to see more of the postgame celebration, but that wasn't there: the final horn sounds, and it's not even twenty seconds before you're looking at the copyright crawl. That might just be that one disc, however don't know about the other nine just yet.

Uploaded by Abby Conner   Sep 15, 2014
I miss my boy

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