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In Remembrance of Ollie The Pitbull

12 October, 2016 ~ 12 October, 2017
Hollywood Fl, YT, United States

All I had ever known on earth was abuse. I lived my whole life in fear. I never understood why I was so misunderstood. I always was a good boy. I thought that I would live... Read more >
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Message from Melissa Bartoli

" created a online memorial site for Ollie & the people that can not attend the local church memorial including us awell.

As we all joined together to fight for Justice to find Ollies killer .Now its time to join together in remembering our beloved Ollie that has touched our hearts in so many ways a dog that has lost his life in such a brutal horrid way.

A memorial will be held Sunday Dec10 at 1st Presbyterisn Church of Hollywood from 2pm-4pm hosted by Ollies rescue Grateful Paws dog & cat Rescue."

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