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In Remembrance of Poknut Prudente

4 April, 2005 ~
Quezon city, Philippines

A loving gentle dog that loves you unconditionally. - Dad,Mom and baxter
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This memorial website was
created by Mark Prudente

This site created on 19 August, 2020, and last updated on 20 August, 2020.

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Message from Mark Prudente

"Poknut is a loving dog that taught us that this world has good in it. He loved us in times of heartbreak and Joy. He is a very special dog that when you give him cuddles he wo... " Read more >

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Naty   Aug 19, 2020
A dramatic loving labrador-jack Russell mixed dog who would eat half of his share and the rest woll be for nibbling until the next mealtime (night). Touch his legs and he woul... Read more >

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