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In Remembrance of Riley Svendsen

5 April, 2009 ~ 11 November, 2013
Big Lake, MN, United States

This is a memorial for my precious dog Riley. He was such a special member of my family who brought so much Love into my home. He is now in heaven and no longer in pain.
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Memory by Kelly Smith   Nov 23, 2013
The first time I met Riley I was a little scared. He was so big and I didn't know him. But he got so excited and ran between my legs and almost knocked me down. It was also love at first sight. He truly was the gentle giant. I'm so glad I was able to spend so much time with him towards the end and I was able to say goodbye. I will miss him so much and my heart breaks for him and my sister. I love you sister and I'm always here for you. Love Kelly

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