In Remembrance of Sherri Hillary Hitler Bergman

1 December, 1964 ~ 6 January, 2018
Sewanee, TN, United States

She started working at SAS in 1996. Among the SAS people and some other educators, she was notorious for being a dogmatic and autocratic communication & marketing director, br... Read more >
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Memory by McLain Still   Jul 21, 2018

FUCK YOU for being the worst communication & marketing director ever!!
FUCK YOU for being the most evil and spiteful faculty member of SAS!!
FUCK YOU for being an evil dictatress!!
FUCK YOU for not respecting other people's ideas, feeling, or privacy!!
FUCK YOU for messing up and deteriorating SAS!!
FUCK YOU for not being able to handle sensitive issues properly!!
FUCK YOU for making the human relations among SAS people worse!!
FUCK YOU for not helping my wife!!
FUCK YOU for lying and deceiving all the time!!
FUCK YOU for brainwashing and mind-controlling people around you!!
FUCK YOU for forcing evil, evil globalist ideology to everybody else!!
FUCK YOU for being a Nazi-like globalist!!
FUCK YOU for having a really bad effect on people around you!!
FUCK YOU for being a horribly wrong model for teenagers!!

Memory by Allison Paterson   May 1, 2018
She was truly a demon and a sociopath. She was one of the worst coworkers I've ever had.
Memory by Christi Teasley   Mar 14, 2018
She was a great example of a liberal globalist who was spiteful and disrespectful toward different people and made everything around them worse and everyone around them unhappier or more uncomfortable.

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