In Remembrance of elaine salter

5 April, 2005 ~ 15 July, 2015
portsmouth, United Kingdom

Bear was a loverly dog who was always their for me ,she was my best friend and we all loved her very much ,she will be greatly missed ,she will be alway in our hearts forever ... Read more >
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This site created on 20 June, 2015, and last updated on 27 February, 2016.

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Message from elaine salter

"Bear we will miss u forever,and will always be in our thoughts,and we will never foget u ,we hope u are in heaven know ,and in peace,sweet dream my little doggy bear love mum.... " Read more >

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bear   Jun 20, 2015
Bear was a beutifull dog who we love forever,we will miss her always ,she loved to play ,love toys,treats ,food ,lots of love mummy,dady and brad xx

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First of all no matter how much you gave him for the TV, if it was not apepild to the credit card, doesn't mean anything. Your name is not on the contract he signed with the credit card company so only he will be held liable for the loan, no matter how many times he sells' it. If you or anyone else wanted to pay on the credit card they would accept your money. But they will not accept your payment of $ 300 to your roommate as relevant since the money did not go the creditor. What's probably happened is that he included the credit card in his bankruptcy and now the creditors want it. If your roommate had good financial sense he would have apepild the $ 300 to the charge card or other debts . It still wouldn't allow you to claim the TV as yours but it may have helped him stay out of bankruptcy.
By Nikky
Feb 27, 2016
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