In Remembrance of Rover Smith

Toronto, Austria

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Uploaded by Nophii   Apr 7, 2014
omg if i was taeyang i would punch the other guy in the face for prspooing to her and say this is my girl bitch! .. this song is so sad but its good taeyang ftw! [url=]ubxpidgye[/url] [link=]plzghaw[/link]

Uploaded by Jessy   Apr 6, 2014
Hey, good to find soeonme who agrees with me. GMTA. [url=]onvxrsqgd[/url] [link=]qnqvszmk[/link]

Uploaded by Sara   Apr 5, 2014
I was serisuoly at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

Uploaded by Michael   Apr 4, 2014
It is a lovely grihapc, but its a shame that the key is meaningless.All the failed missions have the same white ring and all end on a dashed line marked mission failure. It would have been far more interesting to use the mission failure dashed line to represent a mission failure with the ring at the end of the coloured path representing what the intended mission was ie/ lander/rover/flyby

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