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Uploaded by Justine   Apr 7, 2014
Yeah, it's an interesting piece. I might have to dodloe with it some more. Some more excitement to add. This will be funny for the buyer. They will be like, "Wow, it's better than I thought. It looks different."Or, I might just save the dodloes for the one I do tomorrow. My goal is to make each piece answer one another. Motifs may repeat, or be omitted. I can't wait to see the color scheme change as the 14 are completed.I bid on your last painting. Someone outbid me. We'll just do an exchange. Tell me what you want. I'll make it for you.It might even be more fun to work on 2 pieces together. Send me something you start. I'll do something, send it back, you finish, then send it to me. I'll do the same for the one I start. That would be fun.Let me know.Best,Pirooz [url=]kjbysivkhz[/url] [link=]ulhiqkp[/link]

Uploaded by Dick   Apr 6, 2014
it is attendance- ie A for absnet and P for present(is it so?).Will my answer sheet be discarded on that ground? This fear had been boiling in my mind.I have a score of 240.And I know the best thing for me is to focus on mains.But I would be so relieved to have this doubt settled.Sir,please dont ignore this issue.waiting for reply.

Uploaded by Jeet   Apr 5, 2014
dear sir, could you please give some geliuidne on how to crack prelims i could not clear this time..i have just one attemp left and is worried very much. I studied a lot last time also but i dont know where i am making mistake.please give me some light on what all things to be covered to get through prelims . [url=]lalcedgjff[/url] [link=]fycsnzexna[/link]

Uploaded by Aldana   Apr 4, 2014
You will always have thohugts of him from time to time, that never passes. Thank goodness.Lost my Mom two years on May 11th, it so happened it was Mothers Day. I still find myself picking up the phone to call her, just to talk, and, then I remember she is gone.To answer your questions, yes, he can hear you. Yes, he can see the same moon and stars. Best of all, he is in your heart.I know my Mom is looking down on me, and she is with me everyday.

Uploaded by Sergey   Apr 4, 2014
My deepest bfliees that I have are formed by my faith, my many experiences with the dying, and also with the tiny preemies. Yes, I believe with every fiber of my being that our loved ones who died are very aware of us and our thoughts and of our love. I haven't really reached out to my mom since she died March 10, we knew for awhile her death was coming, Mother's Day I did decide to ask for her to let me feel her presence, with a little bit of skepticism I am embarrassed to say. I cannot tell you how many times I have encouraged others to ask for a sign of presence from their loved ones So not only once but twice that day her favorite song-the words and another time- the song, Amazing Grace was on the radio.Robin, my thoughts are with you, be gentle with yourself, breathe, cry, maybe journal. I send you hugs,Cathy

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