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In Remembrance of Bella Anderson

21 October, 2008 ~
NC, United States

Bella passed away yesterday. We had her *for 11 yrs but feel that she was taken from us so suddenly and so soon. Thank you Quail Corners for being so kind to Bella on her la... Read more >
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Memory by Your last Puppy Friend, cousin Maverick   Dec 6, 2019


I told him you had to go after you left us that day and that Thursday was your last day with us. I think he understands.

We are so happy you got to say goodbye to your puppy friend Maverick & Melissa on Tuesday. He loves you Bella.

We know you really liked him. You even waited for Maverick. Bella that is so sweet and brave of you.

We gave him some things you had that we know you would have liked him to have or didn't mind sharing.

You were so kind to Maverick when you first met him. Now we understand, Bella how sick you were.

You were so sweet especially since you met him in your last few weeks of your life.

But you got to have a friend, which we so wanted for you. You really liked him.

Walks with Maverick might not be the same without you Bella, but your spirit will always live on.

Your light will never fade Bella. There are so many people who love you.

I love you so much baby Bella. I loved you from and remembered you from the first day I met you.

You will always be "my sunshine" and we will all be waiting for you on the other side some day too.

We will see each other again Bella. Until then we will pray for you, remember you, and love you. Rest in peace Bella. May the light you gave to people forever be cherished. I miss you, and I love you, Bella Mommy (Audrey)
Memory by In Your Memory Bella   Dec 6, 2019
In your memory,

We promise that we will never forget to think about you at 6:30 am when I used to wake up to get you up and Dad used to say goodbye every day to you. It will be hard at your favorite time to eat, lunch. But at 11, and at 5 wherever I am, I promise I will remember you. I love you Bella.

It's so hard now but I get happy as look back at all the memories we made and how much our family, especially Dad loves you. Mom really misses you.

We are keeping some things that you like Bella like your Candy security shirt that you loved every Halloween. You looked so cute, Bella. You are a very pretty girl.

At night we promise to walk around the track like we used to in your memory, Bella. We will remember you in your pink leash and sometimes your super cute orange rain coat on rainy or snowy days.

You loved the snow Bella.

We decided to donate some things that were yours to the SPCA to other puppies that were like you, mistreated at first but have the opportunity to go to good homes. You made them so happy Bella. You would have liked that. You loved puppies and you loved to share. You are very special Bella.

They really loved that Bella. They will remember you too.

Memory by Last Memory of Human Kindness for Bella   Dec 6, 2019

We went to all your favorite places today Bella, it was so hard to go there without you. I missed you. We went to Panera like we used to and I looked across the street at where we used to walk your last year at Guasca.

We decided to do an honorary Starbucks run because you loved Starbucks. They were so kind to you, when they saw you in the crate.
They would say "what a cute dog? Aw so cute. So sweet. Hi Bella"

Today we went through the drive through like we would do because we didn't like leaving you alone in the car especially during the summer. She asked where you were, Bella. We had to tell her you went to sleep yesterday, so she said so sad Bella. We miss you.

She gave us an honorary drink in your honor, Bella. Thank you sweet Bella. I love you. It will never be the same without you but you have touched so many lives Bella, even after you left us yesterday. You are loved Bella.

Vet's First Choice:

I had to call Vet's First Choice today Bella because we won't be needing the pancred powder.

It was probably not a good tasting powder but you needed it to be here. You are such a good girl Bella, you would never complain.

When I explained where you are now, she had compassion for you. She felt bad for you and missed you. Although she never met you, she knew who you were and that we used to order the powder from her every month.

She said I could talk to her about you anytime and as much as I want. I liked that Bella. I told her you would have liked that too. So many people care about you Bella. You made a difference in so many lives, not just ours. We love you Bella.

Memory by Lasting Memories    Dec 6, 2019
Woof Gang Bakery:

You got your last groom in November. We didn't know how sick you were or we wouldn't have put you through it, baby. But you needed that day. You needed a friend. Rebecca was so kind to you. You let her bathe you and fix your hair really pretty. She loved you too Bella. You had a great day that day. We loved walking you in the Village after your hair cut.

Bad Memories from a groomer we know may have been a bit unkind because you didn't like the dings on the phone after you came home and you would hid in the closet.

I felt so bad for you.

Even though this memory is so sad, it makes your last groom so special Bella. It showed you that you could have a nice day with a very sweet friend, Rebecca.

Thank you Rebecca for taking care of Bella on her last days. Bella loved it. Thank you Bella for being a good girl. I love you so much Bella.

Geese at College:

You loved chasing the geese at my old college. You were so sweet to the girls that walked by. That's one of the many memories I have of how much fun I had with you.

Ben & Jerry's

I ate ice cream ( I know it's not fair) after you left us because I remembered that - that was your favorite human treat besides peanut butter.
I had your favorite flavor Chunkey Monkey and told the lady I had to let you sleep today. She showed compassion for you, Bella. She loves you too Bella. You are so special to everyone you meet and everyone you touch even you are gone.

You are loved very much Bella.

Memory by Favorite Memories with Bella   Dec 6, 2019
Munch & Ms. Beatrice:

Although you saw them a few times towards the end of your life Bella, they loved you too. They had just met you I think Christmas 2016 and they were so kind to you.

They would talk to you sweetly, give you treats, and welcomed you as a new puppy they liked taking turns playing with and taking you out to potty. They also offered to take you on walks. You loved it. Ms. Beatrice also joked that "she'd never seen a dog that could poop so much." lol Its ok Bella, we know you had a lot going on with your tummy but we didn't mind at all taking extra care of you and letting you out more and more as you got older.

We love you Bella. Ms. Beatrice and Munch like you too.

Munch got to spend a little time with you this past Thanksgiving. It was so kind of him. You loved it.

Thank you so much Munch for making my baby's last Thanksgiving a good one.

We all love you Bella. We miss you.

Memory by Favorite Memories With Bella   Dec 6, 2019

Melissa became part of our family when Alex decided to go to college I think around 2014. She was so sweet with you. I think her favorite memories of you, are going on walks with you and having you play with Maverick. She bought you the blue water bottle so you could drink water when we would go for walks together during the summer. When you needed to go outside sometimes, she would always offer to take you. She was so patient with you. You liked to bark at the squirrels before you got very sick this year. It would take forever to get you to come inside sometimes because you liked to lie in the grass and roll your back on worms and even rodents that were dying, trying so hard to revive them. You are so sweet Bella. Melissa loves you too Bella.
Memory by Memory by Memory by Favorite Memories With Bella   Dec 6, 2019

I think her favorite memory of you, is staying with you while we would go on trips, playing with you at Christmas, and eating dinner with you when she had the friend over. The friend was very sweet with you Bella. They loved you too. Alexis also loved the first day and years we spent with you. She put so much time into training you with the clicker. As she got older, you guys were best buds. She would watch you when we would go out and visit grandma. Thank you Alexis for loving Bella and treating her nicely. She loves you Alexis. Bella, Alexis always loved you. She got to say bye Bella that Sunday before you decided to go. You are very special Bella. Alexis really loves you. Thank you so much for riding with us that day. We love you so much Bella.
   Dec 6, 2019

I think his favorite memory of you, is playing ball with you. He loved to play ball with you and take you outside. When I was so sick that day with Tio, he took care of you. He loves you Bella. He also knew that we weren't going to have you forever. He loves you so much. He also wanted you to be best friends with Maverick and on this past Tuesday, you guys were. Maverick loving licked you. He knew it was your time. He loves you too Bella. We all do.
Memory by Memory by Favorite Memories With Bella    Dec 6, 2019

I think her favorite memory with you, is going walks with you every day. Going on car rides, taking you everywhere with us especially towards the last five years of your life. She misses you. She is happy that on your last day, we got to be with you. She told you- that it was ok to go.

We want you to be happy and not to be sick anymore Bella. We are so sorry you had to go. We are so sorry you got so sick and we didn't understand what was going on.

You were always in God's hands even in the last few moments Bella. You loved it when Mom and I would pray to Jesus for you. Mom called Silent Unity and they prayed for you on your last day. We love you Bella. They are still praying for you. We are still praying for you every day.
Memory by Favorite Memories With Bella    Dec 6, 2019

I think his favorite memories with you, are when you would greet him at home with a ball and a lick. You would wait up for him every day even when it was really late at night. You would jokingly chase "freddie the fox", the coyote, and the snakes outside. Towards the end you loved sleeping next to him on "the big bed." You hardly ever complained. We all appreciated how good you are. He would call you "diggity dog." He misses so much. You got to hear his voice on your last day, Bella. He knows how much that meant to you. You waited till he got home and you were ready to leave us. You wanted to say goodbye to Daddy and you so brave to hold on for us to help you and say goodbye. He loves you so much Bella.

"Diggity dog"
Memory by Favorite Memories With Bella   Dec 6, 2019

My favorite memory of you is when I first got you and I got to hold you on your last day and got to sing to you.

I felt so much love from you when you hugged me back as I held you-when we were going to go out of the car to Quail Corners.

Even in your worst moment, you still benevolently gave me love back. I can never thank you enough Bella for loving me so much.

My favorite memories were when I got very ill in 2014-July 2019 because you were so kind to me.

I felt your unconditional love. You never gave up on me. I was so bad off but you stood by me. I didn't think I'd make it- but I did because at the end I was able to understand how much you loved me, all of us.

I love you so much baby bunny. I am so thankful you came into my life 11 yrs ago. and I will always remember you for 11 more yrs and more to come.

I kept your raincoat, sock monkey costume, and baby green blanket I used to wrap you in.

I keep it beside my bed for now as I slowly try to still keep looking towards the great times we had together and how much you loved us.

You are a brave girl. You are a sweet girl. You are a nice girl, Bella. I will always love you Bella.
Memory by Audrey, Quail Corners, Mom, Dad   Dec 6, 2019
Last Goodbye

It may have been your last day with us Bella but it will never be our last with you. You will always have us here. We will always remember you.

We knew you were getting sick the night before but no one imagined it would be our last night with you.

I petted you and you looked so happy to have Daddie home. You sat on the blue sofa in the playroom. I stroked you and said goodnight Mom not knowing it would be the last night I'd spend with you, stayed up with you until 2.

You knew it was time. You wanted to see Alexis off at the airport this past Sunday. You knew you needed to see her. You waited patiently at 4:30 am as we drove to the airport to see off at school.

You were sad but happy.

But I knew it was your time when I woke at 6:30 and saw you. But it wasn't an awful day because we got to have you for a few yours till it was time to say goodbye.

I held you hand and sang You are my Sunshine, which is your favorite song. You liked that.

I got to hold you and we talked to you in the car.

When we got to Quail Corners Brooke came and was so sweet to you.
Then we got to see Michelle who stayed with you.

I got to be with you.
I miss you a lot but I love you.

You loved to hear Dad's voice that day and always. Your ears perked up. It was ok, Bella. You were so brave for so long. It was your time and we are so happy we got to spend so many years and birthdays with you.

We love you so much, Bella. Thank you for being who you are. You had more love to give everyone than most people do. You mean everything to me Bella and us all.

They lit a candle for you at Quail Corners Bella after as you passed. They love you too Bella. May your light forever shine on. You touched so many lives Bella even after you left us. You mean so much to everyone you know.
Memory by Tio & Family Life/Health Concerns   Dec 6, 2019
To start with a good memory first, Tio came to visit us in April of your last year with us. You weren't too sure about him at first because you were very protective of me as I got very sick and you got older, and our love grew. On the last day of Tio's trip, when I was having tremors again, you were so loving and kind to Tio. Alex re-introduced you because you wanted so bad to be near us. You sat right up on the sofa next to him.

Later you climbed on Alex's bed where Tio was resting. You loved that bed. It was low for you.

You and Tio were best friends at the end of his trip.

You were so sweet to me when I couldn't remember you that day. Eventhough I didn't recognize you, I could feel your love when I looked into your eyes.

When I got better and my tremors were lessening, I remembered you. I knew I loved you very much and that time was getting too short.

I knew it was close to your time when I looked at you a few weeks ago. You let me know you were ready to go but something inside you, knew you had to stay.

I needed my best friend to help through these last few weeks. You needed me to help you as your body was slowly ready to go. We all needed you.

You were so brave. I'm so happy we got to celebrate your last birthday in October. I'm so happy you started sleeping on my bed next to me when I didn't feel good and was worried.

Thank you Bella for staying with us this Fall. You made it through the hardest times in our lives and we love you and you loved us all through it all. We love you Bella.
Memory by Audrey & Grandma   Dec 6, 2019
Road Trip to Grandma's


Sort of out of order baby Bella but I don't think you would mind. We remember you visiting Grandma in Maryland. The car ride was long and once I took you back to our home in my small car that you liked more than anything because it was low to the ground and easy for you to climb up.

The sound of Grandma's voice was comforting to you. You loved it. You were a bit feisty with Grandpa but he was patient with you. Thank you Grandma for having us and being so kind to Bella.

You loved when people would talk in Spanish.

Your ears would perk up when you would hear her voice on the phone which was usually on Saturday after church.

Grandma loves you too Bella. I bet they will miss you a lot.
Memory by Audrey & Quail Corners & Dr. P.   Dec 6, 2019
Quail Corners & Dr. Piver (your tummy)

We knew you were in the right hands in 2014, when Dr. Piver helped us figure out you had a condition with your tummy. You didn't much care for what Dad calls the "hundred dollar hair cut" at NCSU.

But Dr. Piver never gave up on finding out what was hurting you. We got you Pancred Powder from Vet's First Choice.

Today we got to tell them about you. They were very kind and they care about you too Bella.

The pancred smell was awful but you didn't mind. Food was good for you and you liked the wet food from Pet Smart, the best.

You started losing weight, so we started feeding you lunch. You loved lunch. Sometimes I would forget to give it to you at 11 sharp but you would always remind me to feed you at 11, very gently.

I would look at you and know you wanted me to feed you. You never mean even though I wasn't always on time for lunch. I loved seeing you happy after lunch.

I miss you now at 11 and 5. I would feed you everyday at the same time to help you get better.

I remember my friends from my Chapel Hill support group because I asked them to pray for you when your tummy was bad and we hadn't figured out what was wrong.

They never stopped praying for you. They love you too Bella. Jesus saw you through. You were so brave. We are so proud of you for being a sweet girl even when your tummy hurt.

We had lots of good days since then. Lots of laughs. Lots of resting in the playroom and playing ball almost every day, until you slowed down a bit.

I love you Bella. I am sorry you were hurting but we couldn't tell most days. You are amazing and so brave.
Memory by Audrey & Mom (Nana)   Dec 6, 2019
Walks with Bella Every Day:

You loved walks. You loved Ms. Machiko's neighborhood that we started to walk through in 2014 and later walked your last walk there with Maverick a few weeks ago not more than 3.

Every day after your ate lunch between 11 o'clocks and 2:30 we would walk; you, me, & Mom. You loved your pink harness until we got the purple one with Maverick. You loved your pink leash with the paw prints and later the hot pink one Quail Corners got for you.

You loved to walk in the Village too. You loved Village Deli and sitting outside. You loved Chickfilia & peanut butter snacks.

You loved walking at Quasca. We would walk there you and Me when Mom would go on trips or had to work. You loved it. It was our little adventure. We would have great talks and spend lots of hours trying to find areas you liked to explore. You liked to bark at the kids goofing off at the Wild Buffalo. I would tell you let's go Bella and you would listen.

You loved the "park area" which was really a small grassy area outside of the surgery center across from Guasca.

You also liked walking behind The Oak and the Yoga studio and looking across the street at the apartments, Panera Bread, and CVS.

You enjoyed stoping at the hair dressers that would sometimes say hello.

You got a lot of compliments from workers at the sandwich shop next door.

You also loved your last walk on your last full day Wed. 12/4/19. You wanted to walk more when we went to Pleasant Valley and I got sweet smarts at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. You look so cute with your coat.

You loved Starbucks and having the baristas greet you every day. They love you too Bella. They think you are a cute girl.

Memory by Audrey   Dec 6, 2019
Your 1st birthday with Us. (Oct. 2009-Oct.2019)

We got to celebrate your second official birthday on 10.21.09 with a birthday cake from Woof Gang Bakery. Every year from then on we looked forward to celebrating your birthday on Oct. 21st. We got to sing "happy birthday to you" and you like that. You got to occasionally blow out a candle too.

You loved cake, even the human kind too. You were always there for every birthday we had. I loved sharing birthday cake with you on my birthday every year. We would always make sure you had vanilla cake with icing. Couldn't be chocolate as you always understood that chocolate was bad for you.

We miss you on your birthday next year Bella. We will always remember your birthday and the good birthdays we had with you, every Oct. 21st.
Memory by Audrey   Dec 6, 2019
When we bonded and you started to grow

I was sick that winter (Jan 2009) and had to take a break from college. In and out of the hospital. I was so ill and spent so much time being sick but you would wait for me on the bathroom floor. I didn't get to tell you how much that meant to me. I felt very comforted in my worst time.

Thank you for being so kind Bella. Team Works and Joanne worked with you to try and train you as a therapy dog. They let you develop your true beauty and empathy for others. Thank you Bella.

Memory by Audrey & Alexis & Nana   Dec 6, 2019
Welcome Home Bella January 2009
First day we meet you, loved you, & took you home.

We got you in January because Mom wanted us to have a protector in the home. She wanted a feisty, lovable dog who could defend herself against the wildlife on our neighborhood (coper heads, more snakes, coyotes, foxes- you name it).

We got to meet you at a Pet store in Cary off of Marynard Road shopping center that is no longer there. We sat with you in a circle on the ground and played. You liked to chew my shoe laces.

I wasn't sure (please don't be offended) that we should get a terrier because they tend to be very feisty and Alexis was still very young but Mom wanted you as our own.

The moment we took you home, I knew you were a part of the pack and I loved you.

You were very good about going potty on the wee wee pads and eventually we got potty trained outside with clickers.

You liked that.

We took you home with another buddy who didn't make it, we couldn't take her on given that she was very sick. She wasn't exactly friendly to you but you were nice to her and felt welcome.

I remember going to the gym a lot and coming home every two hours to let you go potty. This was the beginning of our love as best friends.

Alexis was equally patient and helped us out a lot.

We never gave up on you. You never gave up on us. You loved us until you had to go. You are a good girl, Bella.

We miss you.

Memory by Audrey   Dec 6, 2019
Membering E.

You loved your first puppy friend in 2009 with agility training at Team Works with Joanne Rothchild. She was a nice trainer who told me how to hold you, so your temperament would change. Alexis and I never gave up on you, when we were training you. We wanted you to be apart of our family. We loved you so much from the start. You were always a sweet girl but a little feisty at first but then as we got to know you more as a family, we fell in love with you more and more. Your love for us grew so much. We love you Bella. E misses you!
Memory by Audrey   Dec 6, 2019
You loved car rides Bella. You loved being in the car even in your crate with Maverick. Even when he acted like a puppy, you were so patient and kind.
Memory by Audrey   Dec 6, 2019
The day you met Maverick was the sweet day of our lives for you. We were so proud of you. You were so nice to him and you liked being the leader of the pack on walks at Alex's apartment. You loved your purple harness and pink leash. So happy you got to meet a friend. You were sweet to him when he came over on Tuesday before your last day. He liked the kisses you gave him through the gate. Maverick loves you too Bella. Can't wait to meet you again. So happy you finally found a "puppy friend."

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