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In Remembrance of Bella Anderson

21 October, 2008 ~
NC, United States

Bella passed away yesterday. We had her *for 11 yrs but feel that she was taken from us so suddenly and so soon. Thank you Quail Corners for being so kind to Bella on her la... Read more >
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Uploaded by Audrey   Dec 6, 2019
Christmas with you with all of us- Dad, Aunt Tina, Lexi, Alex, Melissa, me, & Mom.

This will be our first Christmas without you. We will be thinking of you and Maverick is going to miss you too. Merry Christmas Bella.

Christmas was your favorite holiday besides your birthday in Oct. and 4th of July was a holiday you liked too. You weren't fond of the fireworks so we would put you in the big crate till it was over. You loved watching the fireworks on tv with us after we let you out.

You made holidays so special and fun.

Uploaded by Audrey, Alex, & Lexi   Dec 6, 2019
Bella loved her treats. Her favorite was Bill Jacs. Good girl Bella. Remember 2 weeks ago we went to pet smart for you and Maverick to get toys and treats. You walked in so sweetly and had a great time. You picked out Bill Jacs down the far left aisle. I remember you didn't like to go in the cart. We had a good day, Bella. Love, Mom & Audrey

Uploaded by Dad, Audrey & Nana   Dec 6, 2019
Bella at the Beach. She loved the ocean and digging in the sand. We had so many great memories going to NC beaches especially at the Ross's that were so kind to let us and Bella stay. Remember a few trips we had to the Outer Banks. Bella loved it. We were so worried that a fox might get her but Bella outsmarted the fox with her bravery. You were so feisty, kind, empathetic, loyal, and smart. We miss you Bella. When we look at the ocean, we will remember you biting those waves.

Uploaded by AA   Dec 6, 2019
That looks yummy.

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