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In Remembrance of Ginger Huff

10 April, 2014 ~
A lost kitten in the hills of NC, SC, United States

She was a beautiful, kind, and loyal cat who truly deserved to live a full life. She was hit by a car and lived a joyous life from April 10th 2014 to October 9th 2020. She wil... Read more >
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Memory by Ailsa   Oct 14, 2020
She loved catching mice and leaving them by my basement window. Minnesota may be the land of lakes, but it is also the land of mice. She was and always will be a great kitty.
Memory by Ailsa   Oct 14, 2020
Every time I would go outside at night, I would call her name and dart a flashlight around the sky. Then I would hear her bell collar jinling and see her running from another yard. I tried to keep her in our yard, but she always escaped. Then I would bring her to my bed and I would read. Then I would hear her sleep meowing and swaying her paws around. As long as I remember this will still be happening in my memory.

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