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We picked the most important features
to make it easy to create a Pet Memorial Site.

Below is a summary of our features:

View all 12 templates >

View all 12 templates >

Basic Setup

Select a Theme

Select from 50 professionally designed theme templates - browse theme templates >

  Welcome Message

Write a short introduction to
the Memorial & invite family and friends to contribute - need help? see sample introduction >
  Biography -
Tell Their Story

Write their life story and have it
easily accessible online for family
and friends - need help? see
sample bio >

Upload photos to share with family and friends

Upload videos to remember. Note: videos will be public through YouTube

Select a background track from
our selection of tasteful music
share a memoryShare a Memory

Share your experiences with family and friends
  candles and iconsCandles & Flowers

Light a virtual candle or place virtual flowers whenever you like or on anniversaries
  send invitationsSend Invitations

Invite family and friends to visit
and add content to this memorial
print memorialPrint Memorial

You can print the memories, candles and flowers posted for safe keeping
  unique web addressUnique Web Address

The memorial is assigned a unique Internet address based on the deceased's name

The memorial can be password
protected only for invitees to see
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