In Remembrance of Keith Hendershot

5 June, 1981 ~ 15 May, 2018
Sweetwater, TN, United States

This memorial was created in honor of Keith Hendershot of Sweetwater, Tennessee. Keith was born on June 5, 1981 and passed on May 15, 2018. Keith attended St. Andrew's-Sewanee... Read more >
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Memory by Kate Tompkins   May 16, 2018
His mother, Mary Hendershot, introduced such a troublemaker from her former workplace (a private high school) to St. Andrew's-Sewanee. Mary Hendershot introduced the student to SAS for some reason, and the student actually started attending SAS in 1998. There were many communicational and mental hazing troubles at SAS during the late 90s, and the student was one of the bigger troublemakers. Some teachers were also involved with the problem and used the student to mentally haze students they didn't like. Some teachers and students told her to be unfriendly and hostile toward students of certain attribute, which was also her own attribute, and destroyed the communication and friendship among the students of the attribute. Some teachers and students knew that she then had some negative feeling toward people of her own kind, so they took advantage of the feeling to make students of the attribute dislike and be unfriendly with each other. She made the problem worse by avoiding other students of her own attribute all the time and behaved especially rudely and arrogantly to them. She was totally mind-controlled by some malicious teachers and students. For those who wanted to mentally abuse students of certain attribute, the mental abuse was successful because of her. They could mentally torture those students by using her and without directly attacking them. They used the same technique of "divide and conquer" method, which was often used in colonization and slavery. She had different problems besides mental abuse issues. She also had behavioral problems in general. She frequently behaved arrogantly and rudely to other students (of any kind) and occasionally to adults. She wasn't befriending other students much either and often kept to herself. Many students didn't like her. She was definitely not fit for SAS. Mary Hendershot introduced such a wrong person to SAS and that eventually caused a lot of problems.

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