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In Remembrance of Ollie The Pitbull

12 October, 2016 ~ 12 October, 2017
Hollywood Fl, YT, United States

All I had ever known on earth was abuse. I lived my whole life in fear. I never understood why I was so misunderstood. I always was a good boy. I thought that I would live... Read more >
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This memorial website was
created by Melissa Bartoli

This site created on 23 November, 2017, and last updated on 18 January, 2020.

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Message from Melissa Bartoli

" created a online memorial site for Ollie & the people that can not attend the local church memorial including us awell.

As we all joined together to f... " Read more >

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   Dec 29, 2019
Poor Ollie, RIP

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By ELLE Robins
Oct 10, 2018

By ELLE Robins
Oct 10, 2018
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By Barbara
Jan 18, 2020

By jennie
Dec 30, 2019
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