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4 May, 2012

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Uploaded by Vladimir   Apr 7, 2014
I have seen the support sturctures for the elevated train in Chicago - in fact, I used to have to climb the stairs to catch my train every day - but they were nothing in size compared to these! These are HUGE! Great detail! [url=]yuvudphflr[/url] [link=]uccpcjeusga[/link]

Uploaded by Donovan   Apr 5, 2014
Dear Kitty,On lipstick... it is a good idea to acatntucee either lips or eyes. I find that lips do add some glamour to my looks. I have a Dior lip gloss palette with different shades. I love choosing from there according to my moods and outfits. This spring will be about nude lips, glossy but beige. Maybe you could have fun with that...;) But most of all, wear the kind of make up you feel the best in. Have a chic week my dear!

Uploaded by Rafat   Apr 5, 2014
Hi LilyIt's funny, I think I took this photo from the car while driving by. It feels esalcipely big when sitting in a tiny Mini Cooper, lol.Hi Lady DiGood question. I haven't ridden in the subway (the 6 train) in this part of the woods, and I imagine it's a cool view!Welcome Anil P and thanks for visiting! I look forward to checking out your blog.Hi Ken MacI'll check that NYT article out. Sounds like an interesting read!Hi Kelly,I've always heard of the El in Chicago and rode it a million years ago. I'd love to revisit. Hi Waynethanks so much. Not sure why I like it...maybe because of all the rust down there? [url=]wtrbqurt[/url] [link=]rgbwnfj[/link]

Uploaded by Cindy   Apr 4, 2014
Hi Janainteresting about the tallest budiilng in your town. I have to keep reminding myself that most people live in places that don't have elevators.Hi KrisThe subway is a sore spot for us, I think. The system is generally okay (it runs) but it's nowhere close to the London rail, which is speedy and lets you know when the next train is coming.All PA information is announced in English. If you don't know English and the subway is rerouted due to repair, you're a goner.The good thing is that most areas of the 5 boroughs are convenient to the train. Those that aren't are usually populated with younger people (who have the legs to walk the extra blocks) and those with cars.Thanks and welcome, Evan!

Uploaded by Josh   Apr 4, 2014
$1500 is about the absolute boottm for even the smallest apartments in Manhattan (not including Harlem, East Harlem, or Washington Heights), and you would have a hard time finding even a small walk-up (non-elevator building) studio (bedroom and living room as part of same room) at that price. Also, water and heat may be included, but electric generally won't be if it's a cheap apartment. The pets may be a problem too, especially the pit bull. If you wanted to live in Manhattan at that price you probably would need roommates or a room share. And even if you found an apartment for around $1600, there will usually be a broker fee to pay to the real estate agent that is around two months rent for a year's lease. Many landlords expect you to have an annual income of 40x the monthly rent, or 25x the monthly rent if you have a guarantor, and if you don't meet that, you may have trouble getting approved.You could live in the part of Harlem around 125th Street all the way on the West side, or in Washington Heights, both of which are fairly safe areas. You could try Murray Hill, or the part of the Upper East Side that is between 86th and 96th Street. East Harlem still has a lot of crime, and in the rest of Harlem the areas vary a lot so you have to check out exactly what the situation is where you are looking.Other than that, you would have no problem finding a place in Brooklyn or Queens, although a few neighborhoods will be off-limits at that price, like Park Slope or Brooklyn Heights. You should look at Astoria, Long Island City, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Jackson Heights, and Woodside, all of which are safe. Bushwick and Red Hook are former high-crime areas that have become somewhat safer and are gentrifying rapidly, so you may also look at those.Don't look at the Bronx, most of which still has high crime, or Staten Island, which is basically a suburb, without any of the advantages of real New York City living, and is too inconvenient to the rest of the city. A lot of the rest of Brooklyn also still has high crime Bed-Stuy, East New York, Brownsville, Crown Heights.

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