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Uploaded by Hamda   Apr 7, 2014
Dear Bhumi,All pass graduates (from any saertm) who possess a recognized graduation degree (recognized by Unions Grants Commission) are eligible to appear in Civil Services Examination. Marks secured in graduation has no weightage in Civil Services Exam.Regards,Rau's IAS [url=]blwcxwpyaxe[/url] [link=]amqampidksa[/link]

Uploaded by Carolina   Apr 5, 2014
sir i hav jst passed my 12th .i m genittg history honours in DU i want to prepare for civil services when is the right time to start for it nd when can i join coaching .??? .and will it will be helpfull to take history .??? .will there be any change in pattern .???? .wch subjects combination is best for preparing ??? i havent got good % in 12th due to some reasons plz guide me sir

Uploaded by Waseem   Apr 5, 2014
Congratulations on getting your kids off to coelgle! Great tips. I am looking ahead too but not so much for coelgle but for Marshall to find a vocation that he will like. Good luck to yours! [url=]tdrzsqubcn[/url] [link=]belqcasffa[/link]

Uploaded by Melissa   Apr 4, 2014
Dear Elise,I barely knew Mike, but he iesseprmd me as a wise and witty human being, and I am so sorry for your loss. Not that I expect you to go without more able assistance than mine, but if you need anything, I am at your disposal.Love and affection----bear

Uploaded by Halil   Apr 4, 2014
Robin,Sometimes I feel my dad's hand on my shoulder. I feel his hugs when I rellay need one. Sometimes I feel some wisdom come as advice in my head when I can not decide what to do. When I am feeling down, I can remember how wonderful he was. I am so glad he is my father, but how I wish I did not lose him over 24 years ago. I was pregnant with my first child. He so wanted to be a grandpa and when I hug my son, I hug my daddy and am happy, but yes I still miss him. I wonder how he is and now I am smiling as I write to you because I am remembering him again as I begin my day. He told me it was his time to go. It was someone else's turn as he was so happy I would have a child. My dad would be so proud of Ben. Even though I still look for him, mostly it is with joy. I believe he has always been with me. My thoughts are with you. It is so hard for us to loose our daddy. Be good to your self. Sew some. Quilt some and do what is in your heart to heal.Sincerely, Susie

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